About Us!


This blog was started by two friends (Mamma Mia and Tallulah).  We were college friends who loved to take walks together with our cameras.  Every chance we got, we would head to the mountains to hike our favorite trails and photograph the beauty all around us.   

It is so remarkable how much symbolism can be applied to our life from nature.  The Oak Tree is one of them.  There are so many Oaks around it can be easy to overlook.  Oak Trees are a slow growing tree.  They are also among the strongest of trees.  Their roots extend in the earth approximately one and a half of their size!  We found the Oak Tree to be a solid example of vulnerability and strength.  A strength that everyone of us holds.

We have many women who are a part of  "The Oak!"  
Allow us to introduce ourselves!

If you are interested in joining The Oak Tree, please email us for more information!

  We welcome you to share, read, linger and stay as long as you like!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you have a counted cross stitch of "the oak tree" my neice loves it and I would love to make this for her....please email me at itsmom53@hotmail.com thank you

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