Meet Tallulah

I'm not in the habit of explaining myself in a paragraph or two, so bear with me.

I guess first off I'd like to say that I've known Mamma Mia for many years. She was my first favorite roommate in college. Actually, she did a pretty great job of explaining the kind of person she is in such a limited space. I can also testify to the regular consumptions of Mac & Cheese. Although, it must be only freshly made Mac & Cheese that tickles her pallet because I recall an enormous amount of moldy leftovers in the fridge at the end of each month.

Despite this smelly vice, she is extremely fun and an incredibly caring person. You will learn much from this sage woman.

Now about myself...

Many people refer to me as the "creative" type. I would agree to this only in the fact that I love to create. I wouldn't say I was imaginative or flighty...Okay, maybe a little bit! And I'm sort of messy. My creative expression has always come in the form of art, mainly drawing and painting. Although I love to write and teach. As you will probably find soon enough, I strive to be a deep thinker rather than skimming off the top of an idea.

I chose the name Tallulah because it sounds funny yet has a beautiful meaning behind it. In the Native American language (don't ask me what tribe, the website didn't get that specific) it means Flowing River. At first I was attracted to the quirkiness of the name then fell in love with it after I connected with the meaning. One of my most favorite past times, especially when I'm feeling down, is to head up the canyon and sit by the river. Sometimes I'll bring my journal and meditate amongst the rush of the water. The river calms me when all else fails.

I try to accept all people and ideas. However, I have strong opinions which I mostly keep to myself unless asked. I always strive to connect with people, not put up walls.

I love witty humor as illustrated by my absolute love for "Gilmore Girls" and "The Office." I love ALL colors and ALL seasons as each has it's place at different times in our lives.

I began my love of reading after college. I read John Steinbeck's
East of Eden and was hooked!

I have such a great husband who is my partner in every sense. He teaches me everyday. We've been blessed with a beautiful son who decided to cry non-stop for 3 months after his birth but is a complete gem now that his griping is over. Now he smiles incessantly. He'll be turning one next month.

To sum myself up I would say that I love to understand people. To accept and love those around me, and to create beautiful things.

I really hope you enjoy this blog as much as we will love to contribute.


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