Meet Tulip

First of all, why Tulip? The answer is not really that complicated. I love tulips. They’re easy to plant, don’t require watering or really anything at all. I don’t think my husband has ever bought me roses because he knows I don’t like them. I think roses are pretentious. Sorry to all you rose lovers out there. But tulips are simple, classic and a sign of warmer days to come.
That being said, I’m not claiming to be simple, classic and a sign of warmer days to come. I try to be simple, and stick to the basics. Maybe my name should be “Aspiring Tulip.” But that’s too long. Tulip will have to do.
So, I’m just your average girl. I have blonde hair (if you count help from highlights). I’m average height and average weight. I have a husband and two kids and drive a small SUV with aspirations to move up to that Honda Odyssey with kid #3.
But there are a few things that make me a little bit unique and hopefully more interesting to read about.
- I grew up in a family of women and now find myself seriously outnumbered by boys. I still don’t get them.
- I only knew what it was like to have one kid for 2 minutes.
- I am a stay at home mom who works almost full-time and *gasp* likes it. I work in an industry that I believe in and feel incredibly grateful to be a part of. I know what we are doing will actually help everyone who comes in contact with our products and that is very satisfying.
- Per the bullet point above, I have an incredibly fragmented brain beyond just the normal fragmentation that comes from multi-tasking.
- I will never own a pet and I’m okay with that. My husband is allergic to most of them and frankly, I don’t like the idea of cleaning up after them.
- I can make a mean pasta sauce.
- I can read really fast…. But that really means I end up skimming things a lot. So I should probably say I can skim really fast.
- I cry EASILY… a trait I inherited from my DAD!!!!
- I pride myself on how many days I can go without washing my hair (Remember, that I try to be simple)
I could go on, but this list isn’t supposed to be like one of those lists on personal blogs. But hopefully you learned some things about me that will help provide insight into who I am and why I write what I do.


Tallulah said...

Yea!! Our little Tulip has arrived!! I'm so excited that you've found time to write. I know life is busy-busy, but I hope you enjoy the time you give to this blog! I love your ability to be open and honest yet so sensitive to others. I can't wait to hear more from you.

Mamma Mia said...

Welcome Tulip! So glad you are here. We sound like we may have much in common. Including the not washing our hair everyday part! LOL!

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