Meet Mamma Mia!

hmmmmm... what to say!

First off, I am SO very excited to be starting this blog! I am especially looking forward to hearing from all of our contributors and readers! Tallulah and I have a fresh list of topics that we hope will be great jumping off points for discussions, thought and encouragement.

To tell you a little bit about myself.

My favorite food of all time is
Mac & Cheese. Yup, you read that right. Love the stuff!

I play the piano, but seldom in front of people.
Pink is my favorite color and has been since I was three! The qualities I admire in others is loyalty, perseverance, sincerity and humor.

My eyes are blue. I carry ALL my weight in my hips (more info than you needed?)

You will most likely hear me talk much about
adoption as it has blessed our life immensely!

I love to travel and especially
love the ocean. Snickers is my favorite candy bar.

I consider my day a success if I shower!!

I am an avid reader. My bedside usually has a pile of at least 5 or more books beside it.

Playing pranks is one of my favorite past times. Talking about the jokes played on others is another favorite past time!

Photography is my passion.

My husband is my best friend...even when we make eachother crazy!! My hubby & I were married for six years before we became parents. 

I am "InFertile"....what does that mean about myself exactly?

I am all or nothing. You will find my workspace super organized or a crazy mess!  I cherish my family and friendships.  Get me in a large group of people all ages and you will most likely find me running around with the kids!  I LOVE children!

I love giving hugs and am pretty affectionate. I am a collector of feel-good stories and quotes. Being a mom is the greatest adventure of my life and has brought more depth to my life than I thought possible.

My pet peeves are people not turning on the windshield wipers to a good speed when it is raining, The word "like" five times in a sentence, people smoking and driving...with their babies in the back seat, and hmmm...I know there are a few more!

I don't like the game of comparing to one another.  (probably because I always lose, ha ha!)

I am very interested in what is going on in the world and politics.

My beliefs and values are things I hold dear. I love people and outlets that are positive, give encouragement and aren't afraid to risk and have hope!

Are you tired of hearing about me yet? I am!!

Can't wait to learn more about you and all who are a part of this exciting forum!


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