Meet Mojo

I'm Mojo...a strong 41 year-old woman, mother of two beautiful teenage daughters, and a compassionate child welfare social worker. Five years ago, I would have described myself simply as a wife and mother. Today, I am no longer a wife. I am finally at a point where I can say that without tears filling my eyes. Unraveling from a 20 year marriage has been a painful journey and one that left me stripped quite like the Oak Tree--leaves, bark, branches and all. My grace in the journey has been discovering the depth and strength of my roots and the beauty of new growth.

My new growth has been nurtured along the way by many individuals. I am particularly fond of wise, older women. I learn so much from their experiences and find myself gathering them into my life as they offer me a sense of hope. One such wise, older woman in my life, who was so essential during my separation, was Joan. During this time, Joan and I would often walk together after work. Like me, Joan seemed to have made little time for herself over the years, filling her days caring for a spouse, children, and elderly parents. One day as we were walking, Joan said something so poignant. Joan told me she really didn't care much for her 30s but loved her 40s. When I inquired as to why, Joan simply stated, "In my 40s, I learned I could say no and that I didn't need to give a reason." Wow. My greatest desire is to be a wise, older woman for my daughters--to offer them wisdom in order to avoid life's difficulties and to offer them a compassionate shoulder when life's difficulties are unavoidable.

This is who I am.


Mamma Mia said...

Welcome Mojo! I'm so happy you are part of this blog. I appreciate your introduction and the personal experience you shared. I also loved your addressing the value of shared wisdom and learning from those who have experience to go along with it. Saying "No" as a sentence is something I have always struggled with. I am really looking forward to your blog entries as the months progress! Thanks for being a part of this.

Tallulah said...

Hey, Mojo! I love the idea of "new growth." It has given me a lot to think about, as always!!

Jennifer and Nathan said...

I just re-read this out of the blue and I have to say that you are so beautiful!

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