Not Forgotten

It's been awhile since I've looked at this beautiful blog. I re-read some of the remarkable experiences that have been shared and realize the value of a blog like this.

The other day I was looking at various blogs. I ran across a blog that has a reputation of being popular so I clicked on it to see what all the fuss was about. It was edgy and clever. Well written. But had this underlying cynicism that left me with a very negative, heavy feeling.

Then I returned to another blog that is well viewed and read her newest post and thought, "Man, has she got an ego!" Actually, blogs really are one ego trip after another. Well, some anyway.

This morning I just kept thinking about this blog. It's been a bit neglected. Maybe the initial vision took too much time than we all could really give it. But the heartfelt posts are so beautiful. I would never want to delete it.

It may be naive of me to think about how much good we could do if we could simply give more of ourselves through talking about our experiences. I love to connect to people. To hear what they are going through. What they are learning. Who or what are their influences. I look forward to the time in any relationship when the walls come down and I get a glimpse into what's really going on with this person. I'm not encouraging people to run around spewing personal information the first time you meet them. That would be strange and altogether inappropriate. I'm just saying when prompted to share, do so, without fear. You never know just how much help you could be.

It might be time to start blogging again.


Marci said...

Thanks for sharing that. It seems when life gets so busy we forget to share ourselves with others. Thanks for the reminder, and I love reading your posts.

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