A thought came to me the other day as I was observing outside my window at the fall colors. A storm was brewing which sent the sky into this moody dark blue which actually heightened the intensity of the fall colors making this lush flavor for my eyes to savor. Words like dissonance, contrast, opposites came to mind as I sat wondering the cause of such beauty. The colors of fall are rich and warm but an approaching storm creates a cool atmosphere. Opposites.

In singing, another past time I love, often notes will clash in harmony then resolve leaving one wanting to hear more. I love to sing alto; I welcome the difference and sometimes the clash knowing the dissonance will bring depth and richness to the song. An unexpected but welcome choice.

I'm trying adopt this principle into my relationships with others. Some of my favorite people are almost my complete opposite. We do have our similar interests, don't get me wrong. One of my painting teachers had a mantra: Similarity with Variety when trying to create an interesting composition. And that's what I want my life to be like; an interesting composition of people, of talents, of attitudes, etc. I want my life to be as colorful and full of life as the colors of fall.

When I was in my early 20's I really feared or felt threatened by someone if they didn't agree with me. I felt the relationship would not hold if differences existed. As a result I'd often change my views to fit the conversation. Over time this left me incredibly empty and afraid to do or say anything without the approval of others. Now I really try to embrace differences and it really has made all the difference. I'm much more able to love others and myself when I'm more accepting.

There is not one person I've met who doesn't really love the colors of fall; especially when winter is approaching. Could God be painting something for us to think about? We are drawn outside by the diversity of color but are we really getting the message? It's a message of acceptance and love. Truly, similarity with variety makes for the best and most interesting life.


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