The "Magic Formula"

I read an article from Meridian Magazine that I thought I would share.

"It is human nature to look for
the Magic Formula.   Most of us are on the prowl for something that will change everything, making us slimmer, happier, richer, and more effective.   God has given us three keys. They change everything.

1. Vibrant faith in the Lord Jesus Christ changes our understanding of everything.

2. Repentance changes our relationships with God and His children — and prepares us for the great change!

3. The Holy Ghost teaches us truth, burns out sin, and facilitates the great change: making us new creatures in Christ.

Pres Eyring in his great General Conference talk “O Remember, Remember” offered a challenging invitation:

Tonight, and tomorrow night, you might pray and ponder, asking the questions: 
Did God send a message that was just for me?  
Did I see His hand in my life or the lives of my [friends and family]? 
I will do that. And then I will find a way to preserve that memory for the day that I, 
and those that I love, will need to remember how much God loves us and 
how much we need Him. I testify that He loves us and blesses us, 
more than most of us have yet recognized. 
I know that is true, and it brings me joy to remember Him. 
( Henry B. Eyring, “O Remember, Remember,” Ensign , Nov 2007, 66–69)

The three “simple” principles that we learned in Primary can change us in adulthood... They are principles with the power to help us deal with any challenge in mortality. We trust his never-failing goodness. We allow His peace to fill us. We turn our pains, failings, and disappointments over to Him. We welcome His counsel. We embrace His purposes. God has given us the magic formula that changes everything."

Written by H. Wallace Goddard.  Author's note: This article is a revision of a talk given to a YSA gathering in American Fork on June 7, 2008. To share your ideas or read additional articles, come join us at


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