It Is Enough

In a week I have:
Gotten up at 5:30 every morning to make my husband breakfast before he leaves for work
Shaved and Bathed the dog
Made Two batches of cookies and a Jicama Salad for three different school events
Gone on a choir field trip with 52 ecstatic, energetic children
Gone to lunch with a friend I haven't seen for more than a half a year who needed to talk
Gone to three baseball practices...
A baseball game...
A soccer game...
A karate practice...
A guitar practice...
Spent an evening helping Webelos work on their activity badges
Finally gotten my hair done after a six month lapse, because there just wasn't time or money before now
Made cookies for the neighbor who has been helping us redo our yard
Made time for a date with my over-worked husband
Taught art classes for a full day to kids first through fourth grades
Rescued a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest
Taken the baby bird to a bird refuge
Argued with a nine year old about standing on other peoples cars, having oatmeal for breakfast four days in a row, and if she REALLY has to practice her guitar for a full half hour every single day
Dragged a seven year old around the house to show him all the deserted items he has left in every single room of the house every single day of the week...

And yet I feel like I haven't done anything because...
I have not a sink full, but a kitchen full of dirty dishes,
A mountain of laundry,
A craft room/office stuffed with a dozen piles needing to be sorted and filed or put away,
And a “to do” list as long as my arm!

But somehow when I walk by my son at the school and his eyes twinkle as he says, “Hi Mom!”
Or I wake up to my daughter's beautiful voice singing as she make me breakfast
I realize...

It is enough.


mNm said...

I just keep reading over and over your words. Mainly because it is so real and close to home. All except the getting up at 5am....your husband better worship his lunch!!! ha ha ha! Your post reminds me why I love being a mom. And most importantly to cherish those simple moments that happen in between the crazy moments that make life meaningful. And really, the crazy moments make it meaningful Mojo wrote is all part of it!

Clarissa said...

Well said. Motherhood truly is the hardest job you'll ever love!

Eliza said...

I love it. This is an awsome site. Good words O.

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