Son of Man project


This special Easter video is given by Kenneth Cope and Liz Lemon Swindle.  

It is really hard to imagine how much our Savior endured for us.  From the moment He was born until today.  Since I am a new mommy, I often think about Mary as I am holding my little ones.  She knew she had a special child.  How much she loved Him and how excruciating it must have been for her to witness His pain and suffering even on the cross.  This artist's depiction of Mary holding Jesus as a baby is very touching and brings tears to my eyes as I contemplate His life and the sacrifices His mother, Mary, made as well.

 I LOVE Liz Lemon's depictions of the Savior's ministry.  She is an amazing artist.  Emotion can be such a hard thing to describe let alone draw.  She has an incredible way of depicting raw emotion in her artwork.  She has compiled a few of her pieces with the music of Kenneth Cope and has given this video as a gift for us to share. 


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