Holy Week


This next weekend is Easter.  What better than to dedicate this week's topic to the last week of our Savior's ministry on earth.  Holy Week.

The atonement and resurrection of Christ is a topic that seems so far beyond me.  While the details and circumstances I don't understand fully, I do know the feelings that come over me when I pray.  I do know the peace that envelopes my heart.  This peace can come to my soul from no other source than when I study the scriptures and am involved in prayer.  

Because of these strong feelings, I know He lives.

And because I know He lives, I know He was resurrected.

The details of Holy Week begin in John 11:55 to John 21.  And continue through Matthew 21-28, Mark 11-16 and Luke 19-24.

Why was the atonement necessary?  What physical pain did our Lord endure?  What emotional and spiritual strains were caused him?  Who were his greatest supporters?  Who was against Him?  And, if I were alive then, would I have followed Him?


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