The Love Dare


"Love is a decision and not just a feeling."

Just recently I sat down to watch the movie "Fireproof."  I was so moved, not by the acting necessarily ;) - but by the message this movie offered.  

It has been a long time since I walked away from a movie wanting to change something in my life for the better.  This movie did just that.  

While this movie is centered around a marriage relationship, the "Love Dare" concepts could really be applied to any important relationship.  And quite honestly, a relationship doesn't need to be in "turmoil" to benefit from this read!  

For the next 40 days 
I will be adding a new sidebar (to the right) titled 
"The Love Dare." 

Everyday will include a new dare 
from the book, "The Love Dare."

The Love Dare serves to strengthen our relationships' by choosing how to treat those special to us.  It isn't about changing the other person!  It is about allowing God to open and change our own heart.

The first page of the book states,

"Receive this as a warning.  
This forty day journey cannot 
be taken lightly.

It is challenging and often 
difficult process,  but an incredibly 
fulfilling one.  To take this dare 
requires a resolute mind and a 
steadfast determination.

It is not meant to be sampled or briefly 
tested, and those who quit early will 
forfeit the greatest benefits.  If you 
will commit to a day at a time for forty 
days, the results could change your 
life and your marriage.

Consider it a dare, from others 
who have done it before you."

And by the way, is it just me or does Kirk Cameron look as those he hasn't aged a bit?!  But that's another topic for another day. LOL!


Mamma Mia said...

I know, i know, it is just plain crazy to be commenting on my own entry. But because this next week's topic will be "laughter" and also because this entry is about the Love Dare I just have to say something! Today's love dare happens to be NOT SAYING ANYTHING NEGATIVE!!! I was doing SOOOOOO great up until this evening when hubby decided the Chick Fil' A sandwich we had for dinner wasn't sitting so well in his stomach and out came the WORST smelling gas in the history of worst smelling gas! My goal of "refraining" from negative comments went completely out the window. I failed. My first Love dare. And I failed. I think tomorrow I will be sure dinner doesn't involve any grease whatsoever!! I'd apologize for talking about gas. But, I'm keeping it real. LOL.

Jennifer and Nathan said...

I've really tried hard not to say anything negative to my husband today! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. However, I've had an amazing day filled with exercise, scripture study, great lunch with great friends, and good hair. Being in such a good mood helped me spread the love instead of creating misery for those around me.

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