Is Laughter the Best Medicine?


I am officially declaring this week:

Laughter week!

Ha HA Ha Ha

And right in time for April Fool's Day!  Laughter has been shown to lower heart disease, increase hope and reduce stress.

But what about a sense of humor in a friendship or close relationship?  Many of my personal friendships have been bonded due to a shared sense of humor and laughs between the two of us.  I don't know how many times my spirits have been lifted just by laughing with a friend.

This week's topic brings to mind many questions.  What are things that just make you laugh thinking about them?  What are some fun practical jokes?  Who do you know who has a gift of humor?  Why is laughter good for the soul?   Does God have a sense of humor?  (Be careful, the answer could be humorous)!  And am I allowing room for fun and laughs in my life?

And yes, the picture is of my lil' daughter, Lovebug.  She laughs with every ounce of energy in her little body!  


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