Meet Tatonka

I find it difficult to introduce myself in a post but here we go... I love people, I believe honesty is courageous, I want to understand the world in other perceptions besides my own, humor is my saving grace, I know love to be the most beautiful gift/emotion, and my most important role is being a faithful being a daughter of God. These concepts of myself has taken 32 years of trial and error and more years to come I'm sure. I'm constantly refining who I am and someday I hope, I hope, I hope to be have it all together.

Okay down to be meat/demographics of who I am; sex: female, age: 32, race and ethnicity: Native American, tribe: Navajo, martial status: single, occupation: Mental Health Therapist, political views: Democrat, astrological sign: virgo, and blood type: O-.

I'm looking forward to reading and sharing the sweet and bitter experiences of life with you beautiful ladies.


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