Havin' a Daydreamin'

It could be the sound of the birds chirping out my window. Or the noise the wind makes as it wisps through the trees. Or possibly the endless sunny days we've been having...that has my mind wandering to the beachside.

I imagine sinking my feet into the soft white sand as I listen to the bright blue waves gently come in, one after the other.

The Jimmy Buffet song "Havana Daydreamin" which I like to think of as "Havin' a Daydreamin'" is a song I sing as I am wishing I could be on the relaxing beachside. My favorite place.

Instead today I will be scrubbing my shower stall, three loads of laundry and hopefully I'll get a shower. And while I am so grateful to have the blessing of a home to care for, it will be my favorite trips that will keep me smiling.

THAT is why I am excited to introduce our next topic: "Havin' a Daydreamin'"

What are some of your favorite day-dreams?


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