I was up until 2am reading about this...

I was up until 2 am last night.


I somehow got connected with this blog and began reading and reading and reading:

Perhaps if I lived in Utah I would have heard this story.  But I haven't.  And I was so touched.  This blog is about a young woman by the name of Stephanie.  Her blogging name is "Nie Nie."  Stephanie and her husband were involved in a near fatal airplane crash.  How they survived is a miracle.  The strength that she exhibits is inspiring.  The strength her family has given her is beyond words.

This young woman and her family ARE the Oak Tree!!

I ended reading with her yesterday's post.  I cried.  I was so moved.  I want to be a better person after reading her blog.  I want to be a better mother.  I think tomorrow, I'll hug my kids a little bit more.  I think I'll make breakfast for my sweet husband.  I think I will be more grateful in my prayers.  And my prayers?  I think I'll be having more.

There was a point in her blog when she describes mildly how much pain she feels during the night.  And yet after looking at her unrecognizable face in the mirror her one desire is around wanting to fix dinner for her family.  The love that is so evident between her husband and children moved me to tears.  

I need to be more grateful in my life.  

I don't know why this particular entry touched me so.  Perhaps it was the frozen chicken nuggets I quickly threw in the microwave to feed my kids without a moments thought.  Or perhaps it was the way I sat on the couch too tired to tell my husband I love him and resenting having to cook when I was "so" tired!  And really it has less to do with dinner than with the love that is behind wanting to serve my family.  Even in as little as something as a daily meal.

But I wasn't tired enough to check my email.  Which I somehow started reading with her sister's blog (cjanerun).  CJane took in Stephanie's 4 children while nursing a newborn baby of her own.   Her sister has a gift with words.  She has written about Stephanie's recovery.  This is where I began my late night reading at:

I am so inspired by the strength that took and is taking place between not only this amazing young woman but those of her family and people all over the world.

I'm grateful they shared their journey.  I am a better person from hearing about it.  My prayers go out to them.  

Now, tonight?  I think I'll be fixing dinner for my precious family.

Thanks Nie Nie and God continue to strengthen and bless you and your loved ones.


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