Why the Pseudo Names?

Good Question!

This is something that Tallulah and I went back and forth on.  The final decision we came to was this:  We want this blog to be about the message first and not just about us as people.  

As Tallulah so eloquently said:

We don't want who we are to interrupt what we've learned.

Our hope for this blog is to reach out and
learn from one another. We want this to be an arena of hope and expression, where we can feel free to share our experiences without reservation. For this reason we've decided to post with pseudo names.

Now, I realize that our experiences  come from who we are.  We definitely want to celebrate who we are.  We just don't want to get "over celebratory."  LOL!  And, hopefully the pseudo names will allow us to more freely share the "deepest parts" of ourselves (as the poem says).

We hope everyone who visits will feel free to make comments and tell your story!  We look forward to hearing & learning from you!


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