Ever Take Notice of Raindrops?


While in college, my friend and I were rushing in the car to get....well I don't really remember where to!  Perhaps we were rushing to our photography class that was a good 20-25 minutes away.

There were a million things running through my mind.  One of them being the dang rain!  I HATE driving through the canyon in bad weather...especially the rain!!

We got to a stop light where my friend and I sat waiting.  My friend said in such a calm voice something like, "Wow, everything is upside down."   (picture this said in a very "Dude, where's my car?" kind of way).

Okay, what?!!!

She was staring out the window as in a trance.  Little did I know she was taking notice of the drops of rain that were on the window.

Turns out if you look into one of the drops, it was a mirror image of what was behind it...only upside down!

No Kidding!!

I thought that was the coolest and most simple thing I'd seen in quite a while!!  I was in too much of a hurry to take notice of such a simple and beautiful thing.

 I wonder how many things I miss on a daily basis that are otherwise really interesting and God's handy-work.

I guess sometimes we need to take the time to "look in the raindrops."

That was a lesson learned.  And to this day whenever I'm driving, and it is raining.  I can't help but look out my window in awe.

I recently came across an amazing blog called  One Year of Beauty.  This blog is all about the simple things that are around us everyday that most often go un-noticed.  But when we take the time to pay attention we find it is all around us!  Just like the amazing raindrops.

And, yes Tallulah, this "far out" friend is you!  Since our blog is brand new and we are the only contributors at the moment, I thought you would enjoy a little walk down memory lane!  (ha ha). And thanks for the reality check!


Tallulah said...

Hey, anytime! We had some good times during that photography class. "And this...this just sucks!" I never thought such a quiet man could get so passionate about photography!

I may have revealed to you a whole new world in a raindrop but you taught me the value of automatic windows and it's locking mechanism. I'll never forget the first time you pulled up next to that guy, rolled down MY window, locked it and yelled, "Hey!" I was HORRIFIED! Actually, I was in awe of your brilliance! No one can play a prank like you...no one.

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